Apply Now to Serve on the 4M Fund Advisory Committee


Committee members provide strategic leadership 和 oversight of the 4M Fund 和 its series of investment options.

Apply now to serve on the 4M (Minnesota Municipal Money Market) Fund Advisory Committee 和 provide strategic leadership 和 oversight of the 4M Fund 和 its series of investment options. Any chief administrative officer or finance director whose city invests in one or more of the 4M Funds is eligible to serve on the committee.


The 4M Board of Trustees created the 4M Fund Advisory Committee for the oversight of the 4M Funds. The Trust 和 the 4M Liquid Asset Fund were created in 1987. The 4M Fund has since grown to include additional investment options, 和, in 2023 achieved a milestone of assets of $2.3 billion, exceeding the record set in 2022 of $2 billion. 

相应的, the 4M Board of Trustees considers this a highly valuable 和 important program for our members. Read more background information about the 4M Fund. On this website, the 4M Fund Information Statement (pdf) has details on oversight 和 operations. 

Role of the 4M Fund Advisory Committee

The role of the 4M Fund Advisory Committee is to participate in the oversight of the performance of the Administration 和 Investment Advisor (currently PMA Asset Management, LLC) 和 ensure the series of 4M Funds are managed, 投资, 和 overseen in accordance with the prevailing documents 和 pursuant to the best interests of the fund participants.

The 4M Fund Advisory Committee conducts regular reviews of the 4M Fund, 包括政策, 控股有限公司, 成员参与, 和 other pertinent fund matters. The committee submits any recommendations concerning the fund’s operations to the 4M Board of Trustees.

There is a 4M Fund Advisory Committee member seat vacancy for a term commencing July 1, 2024. Members serve a three-year term with the opportunity to be reappointed for a second term. If you are interested in serving on the 4M Fund Advisory Committee, please review the committee’s structure to ensure you are aware of the roles, 函数, 和目的.    

4M Fund Advisory Committee meetings

The 4M Fund Advisory Committee meets via Zoom the second Wednesday of February, 五月, 8月, 和 November from noon to 2 p.m. From time to time, additional meetings may be necessary. The League reimburses all direct meeting expenses of committee members. Mileage, when applicable, is reimbursed at the federally approved rate. 


The interview committee will interview applicants 和 present a recommendation to the 4M Fund Advisory Committee. Upon approval from the committee, the applicant with be presented to the 4M Fund Board of Trustees. The 4M Fund Board of Trustees will make the final appointments. The League strives to balance committee membership by gender, 位置, 和 population of c和idates’ cities, position held within the city, League experience 和 involvement, 和 a diversity of races 和 ethnicities representative of our state’s population.


Submit a cover letter 和 brief resume or a summary of your local government experience including your involvement with past or current League 函数s to LMC Assistant Director of 金融 丽莎Sova by noon on 6月14日, 2024. If you have questions about the application process or the committee, 它的作用, 和工作, please contact 丽莎Sova at (651) 281-1208 or